Many people have found these resources to be of great practical help in their spiritual journey. To order, please write to : Dharma Yoga Centre Publications,  124B, Evelyn Street, London, SE 8 5DD, United Kingdom & enclose Cheques/POs payable in pounds sterling to DYC Publications. All CD’s are priced £10 inc. p&p.


CD-Ray of Light. (with special guest Marcia Day) Contains a beautiful meditation led by Marcia Day with Swamiji on the Tibetan bowls, as well as an uplifting Tibetan mantra sung by Swamiji with spiritual music by Rafael Szaban, and a moving closing prayer based on the Divine Light affirmation. In all, a superb collection of tracks by Swamiji with two very special and gifted guests. Aprox 50 mins.


CD-Songs of Devotion. A wonderful collection of mantras from India and Tibet, chanted by Swamiji, with music performed by Doug Boyle, Les Campen and Rafael Szaban. The CD includes two inspiring readings by Swamiji taken from the Upanishads. Aprox 57mins.


CD-Meditations. Contains two principal meditation practices - ‘Harmony of Colour’ and ‘Breath of the Spirit’ - that include various facets and stages. The CD is packed with a wealth of essential and beneficial exercises designed for bringing about a balance and harmony between the body, mind, emotions and Spirit. A highly popular CD with many of Swamiji’s students. Aprox 70mins.


CD-Healing Relaxations. Relaxation is a great help in releasing stress in the body and mind. The practices on this CD will hopefully help you to discover the tremendous benefits of accomplishing a deeply relaxed state. I send thoughts of healing and peace to all who endeavour to find their more unitive and harmonious Self. Shanti Om.” Swami Dharmananda.  Music by Rafael Szaban. Aprox 59mins.


CD-Readings From the Upanishads. These readings have been selected by Swamiji as she finds them both significant and instructive, covering subjects such as Om, Prana, breath and the soul. She suggests that “they deal with the things that we actually do in our Yoga practices, and can be used as practical examples in the teaching process”. Produced by Les Campen. Aprox 45mins.


CD-Deep Relaxation and Meditation. This is a limited edition CD-R, produced from the original cassette released in 1996. The audio is digitally re-mastered for optimum quality.The exercise on Side 1 is based on the practice of Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep), beginning with relaxation, then rotation of consciousness through various parts of the body, followed by breath awareness and a led visualisation - taking you on a journey of self-healing. Side 2 is a beneficial guided meditation. Both practices have been found to help release stress and still the mind. Aprox 45mins.


CD-Mantras For the Soul. This is a unique album of inspiring mantras that were spontaneously improvised by Swamji and John Etheridge, who is internationally recognised as one of the UK’s finest Jazz and Fusion guitarists. The tracks draw upon three of India’s most sacred chants and one from the Chinese tradition. The tracks also feature gentle ambient keyboard work by Rafael Szaban, the artist of the excellent Be Still album. The combination makes for a deeply moving and blissfully uplifting experience that has the power to take the listener to profound realms of spiritual enrichment. Aprox 50 mins.



Breath of Life.Breathing for health, vitality and meditation.

A fully illustrated, large-format manual, with a variety of excellent and rarely published exercises for using the breath with gentle movements. Exercises are laid-out clearly with succinct guidance. Ideal for beginners and the more advanced. Includes practices from both the Chinese and Indian traditions. It has favourably been reviewed in both the UK and India, in publications such as Yoga Today.

43 Pages (237 x 169mm). £6.50 inc. p&p. A German translation is also available