• Derina Newell – Mukunda Priya is running some courses

    Posted on June 19, 2013 by in News



    Mukinda Priya has announced that she will be delivering three courses.

    1. One will be held once again at the  wonderful Convent of Santa Llucia, Mallorca  between 31st August – 7th September 2013.  Details can be found here Derinabrochure2013-Retreat

    2. 28th September 2013 a day of Yoga and meditation at  Kersey Village Hall, Kersey near Ipswich. Details can be found here

    Kersey Day of yoga and meditation

    3. Between 7th – 9th February 2014 Mukunda Priya is leading a Yoga and meditation retreat at Debden House, Essesx. Details can be found here

    Debden Retreat


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