Dharma Centre Healing

The science and practice of Healing is of particular interest to the Centre as all healing has a vital role to play in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.   Students of Swamiji come together from a wide variety of backgrounds to practice and explore the many different forms and techniques healing may take.

A mother’s loving touch is a profound example of healing power, as unconditional love is the most powerful of healing forces.   Healing can be seen as an extension of this natural human capacity and although this does not need to be taught, it can be awakened, nurtured and developed.

This healing force, or energy, is a universal energy, which is essentially Love, and all healers are merely facilitators or channels for this universal flow of energy, which may also be known as Chi, Ki or Prana.  We can tap into this energy source whenever we are working with healing and with whatever tools we choose to use (for example massage, yoga, reiki healing, spiritual healing, chiropractic, and counseling to name a few).

All therapists, doctors and healers should recognize that the body can and does heal itself, but that they can assist this natural process by helping the body to come into a state of balance, or homoeostasis, which counteracts the dis-ease. For instance

“We all hold tension in the body or mind at some time during our life; this can be long or short term.  It can be caused through body pain or mental distress.  In both ancient Chinese Medicine (approx 2000B.C.) and Vedic Medicine (approx 600B.C.) it was recognized that release of such conditions could be helped by balancing the energies.  Gentle exercise, movement with music, mantra, breath awareness and breathing practices, also relaxation and meditation techniques are some of the practices still being recommended by the medical profession today to help release stress and manage pain.”  

The Ancient Art of Healing – Swami Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj 

Knowledge can be learned but we also need to be reminded of our own innate wisdom and inner guidance and are encouraged to look for answers within.   As inner knowledge and intuition grow, so our relationships with each other, with Nature, with our own Divine Nature, and healing, develop. Although healing may begin this way, and for some this is a natural and obvious gift, experience has shown that many people find it helpful to have a sound straightforward base on which to build their practice and technique.  Reiki workshops run throughout the year for those who would like to learn healing this way (further details available on the Reiki page).

The relationship between Healer and recipient is always a two way process, a sharing of the healing energy which supports each of us on our healing journey. Ultimately all healing is self healing, so although we aim to help others, we must begin with ourselves.  We need to be kind and compassionate to ourselves

“We must learn to forgive and love ourselves (spots and all) before we can transfer that forgiveness, love and compassion to others.”

“By meditation and prayer we can become instruments of God’s compassion, Forgiveness, Light, Joy, Peace and Love.”                              

 Swami Dharmananda Swaraswati Maharaj

On a simple and practical level, we can start by trying to be kind in all situations – kind to others, to the environment, and to ourselves.  Kindness can dissolve many barriers.  To be kind we must open our hearts.   In this way we can develop compassionate action.  The Boddhisattva of Love and Compassion is Avalokitesvara, or Kuan Yin. (more to follow).

The Bible also reminds us “Man Know Thyself”   “Physician Heal Thyself”  “Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself”

When you open your heart to others you send love.  Love has no restrictions or boundaries, nor does it judge.  Unconditional love accepts us as we are.

 “By the practice of inner reflection and meditation we can begin to know the Spiritual Self and thus learn to accept and deal with our weaknesses, and strengths, and with Divine Love bring balance and healing within ourselves.  Then we can accept others with compassion, healing and unconditional love.”   Swami Dharmananda Swaraswati

“God is Love.  Love is God.  God is Prem.  Bhakti is supreme love towards God.”  Swami Sivananda

“Bhakti is the greatest power on this earth.  It gushes from one’s pure heart”. Swami Sivananda

May we remain humble and touch each other’s hearts with love, compassion, and infinite tenderness

With Love Light and Healing to all